The workshop

Inside these four walls is where the magic of the caganers and its production takes place.

It's a long and laborious process: at first, we design the piece and, right after, we create the original model in plaster cast. At this point, we can produce more molds, also made of plaster cast, in order to elaborate the ceramic caganer. After fulfilling the kiln for the firing, the last step is to decorate the caganers with emulsion paint and then pack them up and begin the distribution.

The production of caganers does not take place only within the Workshop, since has the collaboration of various associations with the intention of promoting social responsibility.

You can find the Workshop in which this story is being cooked up in the avenue Francesc Macià, 11, in Torroella de Montgrí (17257), Girona, Spain.(googlemaps).