Caganer Experience

The most fun cultural activity

At we have prepared a dynamic and very entertaining session to discover the origin and history of the caganer and enjoy together painting this endearing figure.

The activity takes place directly at their facilities. All you need is an equipped room with sufficient capacity and a screen where you can project a video.

Find out what the activity consists of!

We discover the origin of the caganer

After the presentations we will have a video call with Salvador Galí, an artist and actor with a similar air to the genius of Empordà, who will be the one to introduce you to the history of the caganer and guide the session.

From the mud of Torroella de Montgrí to the caganer

Marc Alós,sculptor at, will explain the process of creating our figures, and Sergi Alós will tell you which are the most successful caganers and explain some of the most curious anecdotes!

Artists, imagination to the power!

We will then move on to the most artistic part of the activity, when we will paint a clay figure of the traditional caganer. To do this, we will provide a kit with two brushes and paints in twelve different colours, so that the participants can decide how to paint the caganer, either with the colours that characterise it, or personalising it by letting their most creative side out.

Little by little
and good handwriting...

The aim is to enjoy the activity in a relaxed way, so if there are still details to paint at the end of the session, no problem! Artists will be able to take their figure and painting kit home with them.

Enjoy the experience any day of the year!

At we make catganers of a lot of characters. Because, although the caganer is associated with Christmas and the nativity scene, it is a figure that symbolises luck and prosperity and, therefore, it can always be given as a gift!

That's why we can adapt the experience to different moments, changing the traditional caganer figure for any of the caganers we make at

What do you say, shall we paint a few smiles?

If you still have any doubts, leave us your details and we will resolve them.

15 € per person

Information and reservations
Tato Fuentes
636 798 606

caganer Experience


Don't miss the video of the premiere of the Caganer Experience