Caganer Fischer Caganer Fischer 2
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Caganer Fisherman

Being a fisherman is associated with the man who plows the seas with courage the toughest months of the year to provide us with fish. The art of fishing can be developed in several ways: fishing from the mainland, the ignition fishing, recreational fishing; within each type deployed a huge range of possibilities. Fishing is therefore a craft that lasts...
Caganer Mr. Bean Caganer Mr. Bean 2
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Mr. Bean is the main character of a British sitcom that bears his name and focuses on the adventures of this strange, clumsy and friendly guy who uses very little intelligible dialogue, making it much more accessible to people who know little or no English. We have all tried to keep a straight face while watching how he gets into a lot of trouble from...
Pack Caganer The Simpsons Pack Caganer The Simpsons 2
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Caganer Bart Simpson Caganer Marge Simpson Caganer Homer Simpson Caganer Lisa Simpson
Caganers Runner couple Caganers Runner couple 2
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Caganers Runner couple

In times of crisis many new inclinations have arisen in pursuit of fun and without the need of money. The sports world has reinvented itself and during the last years we have grown almost accostumed to people running in fluorescent clothes and headphones that intends to relieve stress and feel good about themselves. This tendency has evolved to the point...
Caganers Podemos Caganers Podemos 2
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Caganers Podemos

Pablo Iglesias, Ada Colau and Manuela Carmena, the likeable triumvirate of Podemos and related parties.
Caganers Snowman and princeses Caganers Snowman and princeses 2
¿Who has not given in to the charms of Anna and Elsa, the most enchanting sisters of all time? Whether brunette or blonde, it appears that this pair of princesses had to drop off the sleigh   for a technical stop in this frozen kingdom. Elsa and Anna always wrap themselves up with long dresses —as they are among the royalty—, but Olaf the snowman is...
Pack Caganer Star Wars Pack Caganer Star Wars 2
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Pack Caganer Star Wars

Caganer C3p0 Caganer Soldat Imperial Caganer Yoda Caganer Princesa Leia Caganer Darth Vader Caganer R2D2 Caganer Luke Sky Walker Caganer Chewbakka Caganer Hans Solo
Caganer Rhythmic Gymnastics... Caganer Rhythmic Gymnastics... 2
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We all stay stop dead in our tracks when those graceful and delicate girls come into the picture like fairies: ethereal, flexible, firm, slender. Rhythmic gymnastics, which combines elements of ballet, gymnastics and dance, is one of the most aesthetic and captivating sport. There are several apparatus to be used in competitions: this caganer depicts a...
Caganer Queen Letizia Caganer Queen Letizia 2
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Spanish politicians

Caganer Queen Letizia

Letizia of Spain is, from the 19th of June 2014, Queen Consort of Spain by its marriage with King Philip VI. As a professional journalism, he worked in numerous newspapers and television, and it was thanks to Spanish television news that the crown prince was in love sen. His eldest daughter, Eleanor, Princess dAstúries is the first in the line of...
Caganer Wonder Woman Caganer Wonder Woman 2
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Wonder Woman is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics and one of the most powerful super-heroines. She first appeared in 1941 and has now returned thanks to a 2017 film devoted to explaining how the Amazon princess Diana sets out to stop World War I, believing the conflict was started by the longtime enemy of the...